What straighteners do Regis use?

I got my hair highlighted at a Regis Salon in May and they straightened it. I absolutly fell in love with how straight and perfect my hair looked! What kind of straighteners do Regis Hair Salons use? ~Thanks

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  • Lilliana:

    So I’m not sure about what Regis Salon uses, however I have thick, curly hair and I use the chi straightener and you would NEVER know I have curly hair. I know you can get this brand at target… or online if there isn’t a Target near you.

  • hellllooo:

    It doesnt really matter what straightener they use(maybe the CHI?) but probably the nice hair conditioners ,serums, or sprays they use before straightening.a lot of their products deep condition and make hair soft and real straight.probably why ur hair looked good:) check out their products!

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