What is the best brand of human hair extensions?

I’m looking for hair extensions made from real human hair, not synthetic, and ones that have nice quality but are also affordable.

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4 Responses to “What is the best brand of human hair extensions?”

  • Pay0The0Man:

    Hair extensions brands hmm, there are a few good ones

  • Misty:

    I got human hair extensions from ebay for £28.99
    They’re really good.

    Those are the exact ones that I bought, but im not sure whether your in the uk or america.
    If your in america, the extensions on the american ebay will be around the same. The ones that I got were blonde which I think is better because then they can be dyed to match your hair.

  • Brianna:

    If your talking clip-ins foxylocksextensions.com ‘s ones are great :D

  • hairextensionssalonnyc:

    We are one of only 5 Hair Salons in the country that do all three Great Lengths Hair Extensions. We do Great Lengths Fusion, Great Lengths Cold Fusion and Great Lengths Air Pressure. I can honestly say that Great Lengths is one of the best Hair Extension Systems in the world. Look, I have done over 5000 Hair Extensions. I wouldn’t lie to you. Great Lengths is a great product. The Hair Lasts for up to 6 months, the bonds are very strong, the hair doesn’t tangle, and the quality is great. Great Lengths buys 6 tons of hair a month direct from temples in India. They have a scope of purchasing power, labs, processing that is gigantic, and can’t be beat. They put together an A+ product. That is why celebs love to use it.

    Now, there are some other companies that have great products also. HairDreams is a great hair extension line, and their Laser Method for high speed attachments is second to none. I recommend them very much.

    For Non Keratin based methods, I recommend, Remylinks, which is the top of the line, adjustable hair extension method.

    One thing to know is choosing your extension method also depends on price. If you can afford to spend $1200-$1500 and up for the above 3 methods to START for length, you are fine. Otherwise methods such as SoCap are OK, and you can always use a seamless method like Ultratress if you on a budget of around $500.

    Figure out your price range and your goals. I hope the above information helps you, and good luck in your hair extension search.

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