What hairstyles can I do without a perm?

I’m black so my hair is naturally curly but its also very, very thick. I can’t use any perms or relaxers because my hair starts to break. I do not want braids, dreads, etc.

I want to actually wear my hair. I don’t want a weave either.

Any ideas ladies?

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3 Responses to “What hairstyles can I do without a perm?”

  • Exploring the World:

    Banana clips

  • Walkj Lkfjj:

    i really like to see alot of curls that reach to the shoulders. . but im a boy so whatever

  • COACH:

    Use banana clips, you can use twist on your scalp and get it put up into a curl mohawk, i always put in banana clips and up dos with my hair. ponytail puff,but make sure your edges are slicked down good (when i do mine my edges they look like a boy’s hair waves:) any these would be cute, just be creative and take advantage of of accessories

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