Best Shampoo & Conditioner For Your Hair?

jcpenny has this deal and i decided to buy salon haircair products.
which is the best brand for smooth,healthy,hair?
i straighten my hair i take a shower everyday.
sometimes even in the morning and night…
i heard redken was a good brand.
by the way i dont dye my hair.
just straighten thats it:)
Paul Mitchell
Sexy Hair
Phyto organics
Y serum Biosilk
Bed head
which is the best shampoo and Cond.
out of the list?
thanks so much!:)
by the way i dont know if it will make a diffrence
but im allergic to Dove soo.. ha:)

the link above is too my other related question:)

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8 Responses to “Best Shampoo & Conditioner For Your Hair?”

  • Daisy:

    a good shampoo and conditioner that i use for my hair is "logics" by matrix…it works and smells great, they sell it at sears and jcpennys.its about $10 to $12 a bottle. I dont dye my hair either but this product is extremly great on my hair. check the link below to see what it looks like.

  • Ms.Fresh:

    try head and shoulders. it works for me =)

  • MiSsTaeLor:):

    Paul Mitchell & Redken are good.
    & also Sexy Hair,

  • That Girl :):

    Ok well this is
    coming from me.
    Because I have personally
    tried these.
    Paul Mitchell,Chi,Essentials,And bed head.

  • hghostinme:

    Purt plus


    Head and shoulders

    leave the others alone

  • cowgirl_20071:

    Paul Mitchell
    Sexy Hair
    Bed head
    All of these have worked wonders for me, Try Bedhead, or Nexxus though, it might be better for you.

  • Fred from Bamm Bamm Costume:

    Head & Shoulders for sure i can still feel it working right after a shower too. lol!

  • Katrina:

    I guess I would choose the best one would be choosing a shampoo that is not allergic and has some aloe vera extract too. It helps the hair to promote growth.
    Katrina´s last [type] loss shampoo

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