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I want to start a business selling hair weave and hair products. Where can you buy hair weave for businesses?

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I would like to sell weave and different hair products. How can I find a supplier and if I would have to order products from the USA or another country.

asked Apr 6, 2014 by hp_adm (220 points)
reshown Aug 11, 2014 by hp_adm

4 Answers

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sally beauty supplies.

there ebst for hair products, and u can order from them and such.

answered Apr 6, 2014 by emma j
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http://www.hairsisters.com and http://www.beautyink.com have weave/hair products cheap there. Their prices are really good. You can maybe buy in bulk but I don’t really know.
I’ve ordered from beautyink.com before and they ship products quickly.
answered Apr 6, 2014 by mycountryfamily
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answered Apr 6, 2014 by Dom1
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I would suggest reading the book “Rise of the Hair Entrepreneur: The Weave Formula” it has a complete list manufactures and Wholesales. That should get you started http://www.theweaveformula.com
answered Apr 6, 2014 by Catherine E