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Shampoo to add life and volume

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I need a natural shampoo that will add some life and colour.  Can anyone recommend a good shampoo? Preferably something that has not been tested on animals. Thanks.
asked May 5, 2014 in Shampoos by Angela

1 Answer

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Hello Angela,

I love your question!!! I too prefer to use organic, natural products that don’t test on animals. Right now, I’ve just started using a new shampoo, Himalaya Herbal Healthcare Organique Volumizing Shampoo – and so far, I am very, very happy with it. They don’t test on animals, and every ingredient is organic. It’s clay based, which helps add body and fullness to my hair, and makes it more resilient I think. They also make other health products, and skin care products as well. http://www.himalayaherbals.com/products

answered Jul 11, 2014 by Kateri (230 points)