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Can you put a relaxer on human weaving hair. I just got a sewin and washed the hair and it is nappy and unman

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asked Apr 24, 2014 in Hair Weaving by Tiffany

4 Answers

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Use a flat iron on it. Try a product like biosilk to make it softer and more manageable. Start at the end of the hair to comb out any tangles and work your way up.
answered Apr 24, 2014 by moonlitcherri
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I don’t know what brand hair you have in your head, but I wouldnt recommend it. You either have hair in that is not good quality or you just need to wash it. Alot of times, when you put products in your hair, the buildup of cremes, oil, holding spray or what ever you use in your hair will cause the hair to look dry and untamed. Wash your hair and see what happens. Putting some heat on it, works as well.. flat iron it and see if there is a change
answered Apr 25, 2014 by JamaicanVixen
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I’ve been in that situation and I just put a conditioner on it and left it on for like ten minutes rinsed int but I blow dried it not with the comb attatchment but without. And then i just flat ironed it. I used Motions moisture plus conditioner btw…. Also next time don’t use shampoo just use conditioner shampoo can dry it out.
answered Apr 25, 2014 by 2fly4u
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yes you can i’ve done it multi timees just dont the relaxer in too long. just get a stire bought relaxer i recomend africans best. the hair will coneoutfp bone steaight
answered Apr 25, 2014 by Nie